A Carite girl is made of something very special. There is no doubt about that. But what does actually define a Carite girl?

Carite has four core values: Joy, Courage, Discipline and Community. Values ​​that every Carite girl often possesses. All of the values contribute to form a strong personality, which has charisma and a unique charisma.

A Carite girl is typically active, perfectionist and socially minded. Likewise, you will also find her as a helping hand to the gymnastics teacher, and often act as a role model in the gymnastics world.

Just as diligent and helpful she is, just as fashion-conscious she is. Therefore, she carefully selects her training clothes and pays attention to the quality. Items such as Carites Light Comfy T-shirt and High Waist Short Tights are the perfect combination for a Carite girl’s practise. When the workouts get long and as the weather gets colder, she often pulls on either High Waist Pants or Sweatpants for a more comfortable outfit. Both of the pants are nicely complimented by Carites Oversized Crop Hoodie or Round Neck Sweatshirt.

Carite’s new Clover collection is the concept of what a Carite girl look after and prefers in her wardrobe.

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Carite What Makes You A Carite Girl