The season’s shows have truly begun all over Denmark, and here at Carite it is something we look forward to every year. At Carite, we understand that a sweeping turn is not just a sweeping turn. We know the importance of feeling comfortable and having free movement when you practise the sport you love the most.

We know how important the shows and competitions are, and that it is exactly here that you as a gymnast have the opportunity to unfold and show your charisma to everyone. In the arenas, it is the strong gymnastics community that is expressed, whether it is for shows or competitions.

At Carite, we know how important one’s gym clothes are for one’s charisma. In the design processes, we therefore always think about how we can best help each gymnast to express his personality and feel comfortable, both on and off the floor.

It is not only on the floor for the shows or competitions that you have to feel comfortable in your gym clothes, it is also before and after. With our extensive experience and expertise in the world of gymnastics, we understand how important it is to also feel most comfortable off the floor for a show or competition.

With Carite sweats, it is more the rule than the exception to give you the opportunity to move while being comfortable. Whether it’s going for a walk or wearing it after training, Carite’s sweatshirts ensure you a comfortable set without compromising on appearance. The options are many, you can for example match the Oversized Crop hoodie with the perfect sweatpants.

Carite’s selection of sweat provides the perfect opportunity to be comfortable and have free movement. Find the collection here.

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