In everyday life and when you need to be active, it is pleasant to be aware of what materials your clothes are made of. The materials can have a great impact on the durability of the clothes, the quality and how it feels on the body.

Therefore, you can see a description of the materials they are made of on all Carite products. If you are into training clothes with a focus on softness and comfort, then Carite’s new Sweat series is for you. The high content of cotton makes the clothes nice and soft which gives you plenty of opportunity to be flexible.

If you, on the other hand, prefer your gym clothes to be close-fitting and contain lots of stretch, Carite’s large selection of tights, tops and t-shirts is probably something for you. Whether it is Carite’s short or long tights, they all contain a good amount of spandex, which ensures the optimal fit and mobility. In addition, the products are often sweat-transparent and quick-drying, such as Carites Cover Up Crop Top.

Therefore go exploring in all carites gym clothes here and select the products that suit you.

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