At Carite, we have a large selection of training and gymnastics clothing. We strive to have the right range, which contributes to optimal training and provides the best conditions for being able to move freely. Therefore, we also make a virtue out of creating designs that embrace all preferences.

All girls and women know the importance of the perfect sports bra. The right fit and level of support is super important in order to deliver optimal performance. That’s why we here at Carite have designed our Longline Seamless Sports Bra. With its light, breathable and flexible material, the bra ensures optimal freedom of movement and fit. It has a close-fitting, slightly supportive figure and the straps can be adjusted to one’s own preferences.

In addition, the straps are thin and the bra has a classic design, which also makes it useful for everyday situations. So whether you are into fitness, yoga or missing a top for everyday life, the Longline Seamless Sports bra will help complete your wardrobe.

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Carite The Perfect Sports Bra
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