The right choice of clothes is crucial, when it comes to being active. It is important that the clothes are comfortable to wear and provide freedom of movement, which allows you to be flexible and move freely. Precisely for these reasons, our High Waist pants have become one of our most popular products among our customers.

The pants have a loose fit and are made of a nice soft material, which makes them ideal for many types of activities. They are designed in a high-waisted design and have elastic at the waist which allows you to adjust the fit to your exact wishes.

In addition, the pants have straight legs and width, which gives them a relaxed look. Therefore, the pants are absolutely perfect for any kind of activity. You can use the pants after your workout or for relaxation on a Sunday.

The pants are available in a wide color palette. Ranging from classic black, to the fine Misty Rose, so they fit into any wardrobe

There is no doubt that these fine pants are a clear favorite at Carite, and we hope you love them as much as we do.

So whether you’re into yoga, gymnastics or something completely different, Carite’s High Waist pants fit most things.

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