Gymnastics is a many-sided sport and covers many different styles. Therefore, the range of different equipment to use for your gymnastics training, is broad.

Important for all styles of gymnastics, is that you work on your basic training that covers flexibility, cardio, balance and strength. All kinds of exercises demand a good surface to perform on and contribute to a pleasant training.

For the same reason, is our yoga mats one of our bestselling products. The yoga mats from Carites stand out from others because they are made of 100% recyclable materials. That makes them perfectly suitable for all kinds of training and gives you a pleasant experience. Easily bring the mat to and from your workout with the included carrying straps.

Likewise, Carites foam rollers are a great tool for relieving tension in the muscles, increasing mobility, blood circulation and it all helps to restore and improve you.

At the same time, Carite’s yoga blocks are made of a foam material that is soft and delicious with a certain hardness. The block can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth after training.

No matter if you bring our yoga mat, foam roller or yoga blocks to your workout, it can all be carried in the finest way in our popular all purpose bag.

If you need equipment to improve your training, you can find the entire Carite selection here.

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