Colors are an important part of any wardrobe. Which colors you choose to wear says a lot about your personality and charisma. That’s why, in our Clover collection, we have spent a long time finding the perfect colors.

The colors span a wide palette of our absolute favorite colors. If you are into the completely classic colors, such as black, Cornstalk, Capulet Olive or Misty Rose, which are available in all our core styles.

Likewise, as an addition, we have found the finest pastel colors, which together give the most beautiful expression. We absolutely love the colors Crocus and Kentucky blue, which we believe can only make your wardrobe more exciting. The new colors can be found in our Clover collection, which includes both sweats, tops and tights.

Carite’s many colors adorn any wardrobe, whether it is for training or everyday use. Mix and match the colors across the collections, to find the expression that best suits your wardrobe.

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