It is clear that spring is just around the corner. With the good weather that the season brings, it is especially important to have the right training clothes when you need to be active. In a world where it is about standing out, there is a need for gymnastics clothing that allows you to show who you are. We would like to help with that. We know how crucial it is when you have to be active that it is the right clothes and material.

Our Carite High Waist Short Tights, Ribbed Waist Crop Top and Longline Seamless Sports Bra are just some of our favorites for this season. Designed in a light and flexible material, which gives our gym clothes the most optimal freedom of movement. This makes it perfect for any kind of workout, whether it is yoga, gymnastics or fitness. The material is quick-drying, breathable and sweat-transporting, which makes it perfect for the warmer weather.

Colors are as well an important part of any wardrobe. Which colors you choose to wear says a lot about your personality and charisma. Precisely for this reason, we have spent a long time finding the absolutely perfect colors, such as Crocus, Kentucky Blue, Cornstalk and Misty Rose that we believe can adorn your spring wardrobe.

Give your spring wardrobe a little extra with our large assortment of beautiful colors and styles!

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