Carites Clover collection is for the girls who care about fashion and how they look. The collection is characterized by many different colors, which give a new breath to even the wildest wardrobe.

So if you are into colorful styles? Then you will love the colors Crocus, Kentucky Blue and Misty Rose. We are crazy about the Round Neck Sweatshirt in Kentucky Blue, High Waist Short Tights in Crocus and the color Misty Rose makes our Cover Up Crop Top something very special.

But if you are more into the simpler and more neutral colors, then the collection also includes them. You will find many of the different styles in the collection in the simple Black, Capulet Olive and Cornstalk. These three colors are true classics, and can be perfectly matched with the other colors in the collection. Style the beautiful Shape Up High Waist Tights in Black with a Ribbed Waist Crop Top, or our simple Light Comfy T-shirt in Capulet Olive with Sweatpants.

Carites Clover collection is characterized by good freedom of movement and timeless styles, which are a ‘must’ in any gymnast’s wardrobe.

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Carite Freedom of Movement In Clover