Did you know that Denmark was the first country to introduce gymnastics as a course in school in the year 1814? Gymnastics was not only intended as a form of exercise, but also a form of building character and society. Afterwards, gymnastics has become a more general form of movement as we know it today.

Today, gymnastics has many different shapes and forms. However, gymnasts in all genres have great emphasis on functionality and a sense of detail. For the same reason, these values and the inspiration of the early years of gymnastics are a recurring theme in the Carite Classics collection.

With the Carite Classics collection’s tribute to the gymnastics world, they have managed to create gymnastic clothes and gymnastic shoes that provide the best fit to move in.

During the origins of gymnastics, the focus was on tight-fitting but comfortable gymnastics clothing, which Chaline tee and Edgefield Capri emphasize in the best form. Later, several have also appreciated a soft and loose-fitting design that can be achieved with the Babett blouse and Capri stretch pants. An indispensable classic that has retained its timeless design has been the gymnastic shoes.

See our timeless Carite Classic collection here, where the early years of gymnastics are in focus.

Carite Classic Collection