After a long period of lockdown and the fact that we are facing winter, comfort is in focus more than ever. These comfortable trends are here to stay and sweatsuits should be a part of everyone’s wardrobe.

With Carite’s sweats it’s more the rule than the exception to give you the opportunity to be active while being comfortable. Whether it’s going for a walk or being dressed for training, Carite sweats ensure a comfortable set without compromising on design. The options are many, you can for example match the Oversized Crop hoodie with the perfect sweatpants.

Carite’s new range of sweats, which have a playful expression with their commercial colors, adorn the wardrobe of any gymnast. Combine the colors across the pieces and create the perfect color palette to suit your style. If you are more into a hoodless sweatshirt then the round neck sweatshirt gives you the finest fit.

Carite’s selection of sweat provides the perfect opportunity to be comfortable and have free movement. Find the collection here.

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