The world of gymnastics is huge and it embraces everyone, whether you are into exercise, show or competition gymnastics. It is a universe that has roots far back and gymnastics clothing has over time seen the light of day in many different forms. Depending on which gymnastics category you belong to, the training clothes have developed to focus on exactly the needs of the individual gymnast.

At Carite, he has many years of experience in shows and gymnastics at a competitive level. Therefore, it is close to our heart and we know the importance of the right training clothes and all the preferences you have as an athlete. For the same reason, we have therefore developed our Classics collection, which is a tribute to the history of gymnastics, and focuses on quality and functionality. The collection is designed to embrace the body’s shapes and give maximum freedom to move in. Aesthetics and finesse are characteristics that are not to be overlooked, and every detail has been thought of. The collection contains timeless and stylish styles that you will benefit from for many seasons.

With gymnastics clothes from our Carite Classics collection, you as an athlete are guaranteed a gymnastics wardrobe that is filled with delicious materials, good quality and functionality in the forefront – No matter what gymnast you are and what form of gymnastics you are into!

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